Slide valve nuts were made. The nuts of ERIC were just a tiny piece of metal with thread mating to the thread of valve spindle. However I do not like this method:

  • Fine adjustment of valve location is not possible limited by the\read pitch.
  • Adjustment is not easy. It may necessary to lift the valve chest to turn the nut.

So I changed the method to screw clamp type. I drilled a hole on a piece of thick brass plate.


  • ネジピッチの関係で微調整ができない
  • 調整にはバルブ・クロス・ヘッドを外すか弁室を緩めて持ちあげなければならず面倒


I cut a slit by 0.5mm slotting saw. The slit was bit out of centre. Positioning of thin slotting saw is really difficult.


Tightening screw hole was made with counter-bore for cap screw.


The nut was cut out.


Nuts are tightened to the valve spindle with a M2X3 blackened SUS cap screw. I could not turn the nuts by hand after tightening. I do not worry about getting loose in operation.



inserted by FC2 system