All parts were remade, but I changed few dimensions from experience. For example I enlarged cylinder bore by 0.1mm expecting smoother operation. This time I assembled them using Loctite 638 to eliminate the risk on silver soldering. The temperature is not high and the pressure would be about 300KPA. So Loctile should be good enough for the purpose.


I seated the outlet valve seat.


I decided to install a small spring for the outlet valve made from 0.25mm phosphor bronze wire.


Finished pump assembly.


I tested it by hand. It worked well after priming.


It was mounted on electric driving mechanism.


I tested it with the motor. It worked fine without any leaking.


I uploaded a movie. I think it is good enough. When I squashed the outlet silicone tube completely the water started leaking from outlet connection. If this is a problem simply tighten the tube with a piece of metal wire. When I blocked the outlet nipple with my finger the motor stalled. This means tightening of all valves are good.



inserted by FC2 system