Then I tested the pump without load. It worked well. The movement of the water to be observed around the check valve.



I filled the boiler of Eric with water and installed the check valve and tried to feed water. When the pressure was low there was no problems, but around 30psi the silicone tube started swelling. As I worried the silicone tube cannot stand the pressure,



Some pressure was required to push open the silicone tube valve. So I tested without silicone tube valve. The pressure increased to nominal 40psi.


At this point the safety valve started to release the water.


The silicone tube piping was swollen out and found quite useless. I need to change the piping method. I will ask club members for advises.


Since the silicone tube piping was useless, I removed the outlet nipple from the pump body. Removing it was easy because it was fixed by Loctite. I stuffed wet tissue into the plunger cylinder to prevent bonding damage and heated up the nipple. It easily came out. I cleaned the mounting hole with +0.1mm reamer.


I made nipples for copper tube connection.


One of them was fixed to the pump body with Loctite. Other was silver soldered to the check valve. I have not decided how to connect the boiler and tender with flexible piping. However with this arrangement any method can be implemented easily.

I will suspend the work on the pump until I decide the connection method.




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