Concerning about flexible high pressure piping between the loco and tender, Mr. Gordon Watson, a club member, was kind enough to make a couple of sample fittings for me as shown. Thank you very much Gordon. Neoprene rubber tube is good for the purpose according to him. I ordered similar neoprene tube sent by Gordon from Amazon Japan.

テンダー、汽罐車簡のフレキシブル配管に関してはクラブメンバーのGordon Watson氏がサンプルを作って送ってきてくれた。Gordonありがとう。パイプはネオプレンゴムのを使うそうだ。同様のパイプはAmazonで見つけてオーダーした。

This is the details of the fittings. At the end of the copper tube an olive is soldered. The flexible tube is slid onto the copper tube and the brass fitting is screwed out onto the tube to hold the flexible tube tightly.


This shows connected flexible tube and fitting.


I decided to use Gordon's fittings. His parts are based on imperial. I need convert them to metric. So I cut the imperial tube as short as possible. I will attach metric piping to them. I made pipe bender roller for 1/8" copper tube.


High pressure piping on the tender.


Temporary piping for the loco.


I tested the piping and pump using ERIC's boiler by feeding water by electric pump.


The pump could feed the water up to 40psi the pressure the safety valve worked. Neoprene tube was intact without swelling. This system worked well with Goodall check valve. Now I am confident on the system.



inserted by FC2 system