This drill chuck came with mill is really shit. The movement of the tightening is jerky and I have to tighten it really hard otherwise the drill may slip. Also the accuracy is not impressive at all.


On the other hand, this ER25 collet chuck is really beautiful. Excellent accuracy is obvious and holding force is not comparable with drill chuck . Of course I have to change the collets according to the tool diameters. However I do not care this at all. Using collet chuck is much more comfortable than using drill chuck. I never use the drill chuck again and use only collet chuck.


I use collet chuck for tail stock of the lathe also. The taper of the mill is MT2 and it is compatible with lathe tail stock. The tip of the centre drill wobbled with drill chuck once. After that I have not used drill chuck again. Probably poor accuracy of the drill chuck caused this.


The drill chuck I did not want to use is now revived as a pin vice. I use this to chamfer the holes.



inserted by FC2 system