I needed hexagon steel rods. However it was almost impossible to get small metric rods in Australia. So I decided to anneal Allen keys easily available in small amount. I found a very simple description of annealing Allen keys in Kozo's book. So I just did the similar thing as described in the book.

I used BBQ kettle as an annealing furnace and lit the BBQ fuel.




Allen keys I cooked. These were 4mm I think. I provided several sizes from 2mm to 6mm. Anyway I could not anneal all at one time.


When the BBQ fuel was well lit the material added and covered by the fuel.


To achieve high temperature I used a vacuum cleaner to push extra air. After the Allen keys got red hot, leave them until the fuel came down by itself. The temperature must go down very slowly. (Once I heated up an Allen key by a torch and cooled it down in air but the key was annealed at all.)


Thick keys did not get red hot easily and I used torch to give extra heat.


After four hours I found the fuel self-quenched leaving “annealed” (I hoped) Allen keys.


Allen keys were covered by scale. Removing of the scale was a hard job.


I test-cut the material and found it was cut but harder than mile steel. It meant well annealed.



inserted by FC2 system