I found this metal cutting disk at a hardware shop. The thickness was only 1mm. It would relieve boring hacksaw cutting.


However the disk did not fit to my grinder. It was too thin!


So I decided to cut off the boss arrowed.


The boss was removed by the lathe, and the disk was perfectly fit to my grinder. It made hacksawing job much easier. 10mm silver steel coud be cut in a couple of seconds. However be careful overheating the last part of silver steel or it may be hardened.


I won an angle grinder stand at eBay. This made the cutting job even easier. I think up to 20mm of rods can be cut by this.


The grinder itself touched to the vice of the stand limiting the stroke. I cut recesses on vice jaws by mill. I just cut 16X16mm steel rod. Well done as a cheep solution.


Spectacular sparking while cutting.



inserted by FC2 system