I bought this M1.7 (same as 10BA) die at a shop in Akihabara. This did not cut in at all to the material. I observed the die closely and found cutting edges of this were wrongly shaped. Terribly bad quality!!


I had a look of a proper die I used for tens of years. The shape of cutting edges was totally different.


I reshaped the cutting edges by a rotary tool with diamond bit.


I reshaped the die to this form and could cut thread. However comparing to proper one still the cutting edges were not seemed good. I may try further shaping later.

I have some dies from the same manufacturer “SKC”. M3 in them had a problem as well. I ground it as same as M1.7, but it did not cut in at all. This manufacture, “SKC”, is real crap. I will never buy anything made by “SKC.”




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