I broken the lever of test indicator when I aligned a material clamped deep in the four-jaw chuck. What a hell! I could do almost nothing with out this. I mail-ordered a replacement straight away, but it would take a while.

The lever was hardened and removing the part left in the thread seemed impossible. So I decided to make another mounting thread other side of the lever holding cylinder.

四つ爪チャックの奥のほうに咥えた部品の穴の中心を出そうとしていたときダイヤルゲージ本体が爪に接触。レバーを折ってしまった! (+o+) 困った、これがないと全く作業ができない。とりあえず、通販屋には新しいのを注文したんだが来るまで時間がかかる。なんとか直せんもんか?


The cylinder had only 2.5mm width. So I made M1.7 thread.


I mounted an M1.7 screw on hand. It seemed to work.


I tried the operation. It was useable! Anyway when I did this I broken it.


The screw lever worked, but seemed terrible. So I made a lever from 3mm SUS303 rod. I cut one end to 1.7mm and thread with M1.7 die. (A problem happened when I threaded.)


Other end was cut similar to original lever.


Completed new lever with broken original.


Repaired test indicator seemed work as same as before. I will keep this one as spare when I receive replacement.



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