I made a fly cutter, intending to use broken end mill as cutter bit. I turned mild steel rod and cut angled parts by tilting the mill head.

I really do not like tilting head, because restoring the head to original position is so cumbersome.


Cutter hole was reamed to 6mm.


M4 thread was tapped for tool bit fixing grab screw.


Tool bit ground from broken end mill was attached.


I tried cutting.


Um, the result was not so impressive. The surface was bit rough comparing to end mill cut. The cutting was not fast as large end mills. I may use this only for rough cutting.


I made another bit hole to make internal arch cut. I have not used the cutter in this arrangement yet.


These show the shape of cutter bit I made. It would be better dedicated bit for arch cutting.


From bottom     下から

My fly cutter jammed into material and tip was chipped away. After this I ground a bit the tip with oil stone and the cut surface became very smooth. Why? I can not understand it. There may be some black magic in fly cutter technique.




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