I tried “lathe spindle indexing” found in a Japanese machining book. I set a plate spring cut from cheap SUS scale shown by arrow. This spring and gear engaged worked as ratchet. The gears I used were all 40 tooth. So maximum 40 indexing was available.


I installed a rotary tool with spotting drill to the tool post of the lathe to make marks on the work with spindle indexing. I wanted to divide it by 20. So every two teeth I made marks. After rotating the spindle by 360 deg, it came back to exact original point. So I thought it worked fine, but…..



At the other side of the starting point the marks were quite out of even dividing. I thought it was caused by eccentricity of the gears or inaccurate tooth cutting. Really I was disappointed the accuracy of this cheep Chinese lathe.



I gave up gear indexing method. Instead I attached indexing printout to the lathe chuck. This worked much better than gear indexing.



inserted by FC2 system