I bought a slotting saw and made an arbour for it. The mounting hole of the saw was 16mm. So I used 25.4mm mild steel rod. At first I reduced the shank part to 16mm diameter that was the maximum diameter allowed with ER25 collet chuck. I cut with 2mm cut-in and 0.2mm/rev. feeding. However it seemed too heavy. The chuck could not hold the work and the work slipped.


With the conditions of 2mm cut-in and 0.1mm feeding, the cut was quite comfortable. I applied emulsion type cutting fluid by a brush, but I could not see so much difference.


Finished shank part. Every cut reduced the diameter by 4mm. So the process was quick.


Cutting after this stage required accuracy. So I installed collet chuck to hold the shank of the work. I cut the part that held the hole of the saw. This part had to be very accurate against the size of the hole. I cut it gradually checking with actual saw. A slot was cut at the neck with thread cutting tool.


The saw fit nicely.


Then this part was parted off.


My parting off tool was not long enough. So I had to use a hacksaw.


The rest part was bored to accept the saw retainer without play. I tapped M6 thread at the bottom of the recess.


Finished arbour.


The part with arrow supposed to have a counter bore to accept head of M6 cap bolt. However I did not have proper end mill to cut it. I will do this later.


I obtained a 10mm two flute end mill and a counter-bore for fixing screw.



inserted by FC2 system