I use small self-made hex head screws. However I could not find any 2.5mm (for M1.7) box driver on the market. So I made one. A Kozo's book describes how to make it, but it seemed too hard form me including drilling small holes through grab screws. Grab screws are usually hardened and not easy to drill. So I changed Kozo's design. Instead of drilling a hole to screw I provided an adaptor to fix a cap screw to the driver shaft.

I took M3 cap screw, whiI rech had 2.5mm AF hex recess, and removed black coating by a rotary tool. Then the head size was reduced using carbide tool.


The driver handle I used was cheep precision drive bought in 100 yen shop. Tip of the driver was cut out by rotary tool.


aI made an adaptor, one side threaded with M3 and other side drilled to suite to the driver shaft. All parts were silver soldered together. At first I tighten the cap bolt to the adaptor and found the solder did not run between screw and adaptor. I re-soldered after loosing the screw slightly.


Finished box driver. Arrowed one is 3mm box wrench I made together with box driver.


The box wrench is very handy to work in tight location.


Also I made Allen key drivers. I removed the shaft of precision drivers. Actually I could remove the shaft quite easily with some, but found it was too hard to remove with others. I cut out the handle for the ones I could not pull out the shaft.



I cut out the Allen key at the bend and simply tapped in the Allen key to the handle.


This Allen key driver is very handy to handle lot of cap bolts.


Drivers and wrench I made.



inserted by FC2 system