My precision vice had clamping grooves only on the ends not on the sides. So I had to clamp it on the table in this way. It occupied large space on the table and handling was bit odd. So I decided to make dedicated clamps. The sides had only holes on the sides and I needed to make clamps to fit these holes.


Material was a 10X25mm steel bar off cut got from a metal workshop. I put a cut piece on four-jaw chuck of the lathe and roughly centred it.


Then I finely centred it by a test indicator. The centring jig was made from 6mm SUS303 and fixed at tail stock. Diameter of arrowed part was reduced to 3mm to allow slight movement at the pin point.


Ends were cleaned up.


Cut an 8.2mm dia. boss that inserted to a hole of the vice. New end was cut like this because of the shape of the tool. I should give some angle to the tool to cut the end right angle. I worried about intermittent cut from rectangular to round, but it was as same as normal cutting. I cut quite confortablely with 2mm of cut-in and 0.1mm auto feeding.

バイスの穴の中に入る部分を8.2mmの円柱に削ります。バイトの形の関係でこんな風に削れてしまった。バイトを傾け、左の端面が直角になるようにするべきなのかな? 四角を丸にする断続削りをちょっと心配していたのですが、別に普通の削りと大して変りませんでした。切り込み2mm、0.1mmの自動送りでガンガン削れたので、削り取る部分をあらかじめ概略、鋸などで切っておく必要は全く感じませんでした。

The end was cleaned up to right angle.


Necessary holes were drilled. I did not make marking at all. All locations were determined by an edge finder and rotations of table dials. I used a spotting drill to start and drilled up the holes.


Finished parts. The left shows bottom and the right shows top. The arrowed part was cut by 1mm by mill.


The clamps were assembled with second parts.


The clamp is inserted to the hole of the vice.


The vice clamped to the table. It is much better than before.


I also made dedicated T-nuts.


I need to remove the vice often to clean up or dropped parts, etc. It was very cumbersome to realign the vice after installation. So I made vice alignment jigs. These are the parts of jigs.


Installed jigs. The vice can be aligned by adjustment screws of the jigs making the job much easier. On reinstallation of the vice, simply push the vice to the jigs and the vice properly aligned.



inserted by FC2 system