“Tamaden” was a nickname of Tokyu Tamagawa Line. Tamaden was a short tram line, about 10Km, joining Shibuya, one of the busiest centres of Tokyo, and quite suburb, Futagotamagawaen”. It had a branch from Sangenjaya to Shimokitazawa on dedicated tracks and it called “Setagaya Line”. I was born in Setagaya area and quite familiar with “Tamaden”.

The main tram line was decommissioned in 1969. However Setagaya Line is still in operation now.


最近の玉電 2003年(世田谷線ですが、私にとってはあくまで玉電です。大体、世田谷線なんて言ってる人みたことない。私のまわりはみな玉電と言ってました。)

Recent Tamaden carriages, taken in 2003. The vehicles have been modernised.


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