Ikasa Railway was a short narrow gauge (762mm) railway located in Cyuugoku District of Main Island (Honsyuu). This was one of typical Japanese narrow railways existed before 1960’s. Many of them ceased the operation before I started railway photo. Ikasa Railway was one of only few narrow gauge railways I could take photos. It stopped the operation in 1971.Operation of steam locos terminated years before I visited, and only rail bus services were available. I really reglet I did spend only short time on this sort of narrow gauge railways.

Small rail buses usually hauled a wooden carriage.

右のは踏切遮断機の操作ですね。A station staff operating crossing gates.

Surrounding atmosphere was very nice showing typical Japanese narrow gauge in town.

客車が左右に揺れているのが目に浮かぶようです。I can almost see the carriage rocking right and left.


An old lady guarded a crossing. What a generous use of human resources!


犬と気動車。A dog and rail bus.

From the office of Kasaoka engine shed. 0-4-0 Koppel was seen. She was decommissioned years before then.


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