Kubiki No.2 Koppel

This type of locos were made by Orensteim & Koppel of Germany in 1911 as construction locos and used for land-filling in Tokyo. After finishing the land-filling work they were sold to some local narrow gauge railways (762mm). One of them known as Kubiki No.2 Koppel was sold to Kubiki Railway in Niigata Prefecture located in north of Tokyo. Kubiki Railway was 762mm gauge light rail and served very short distance only 15Km. Kubiki No.2 was decommissioned in 1966 and the railway closed down in 1971.

Fortunately Kubiki No.2 was revived in 1972 to serve Seibu Railway Yamaguchi Line. Yamaguchi Line was a short narrow gauge line linking facilities in a large amusement park. Usually trains on Yamaguchi Line were hauled by small battery locos. Kubiki No.2 was used in special occasions. Kubiki No.2 was returned to her old home in Niigata Prefecture 1977 for preservation and still in operable condition.


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