gSekihoku Main Lineh connected Asahikawa, located at the centre of Hokkaidou, and Abashiri, facing Okhotsk Sea that was filled by drift ice in winter. The area around Asahikawa and Kitami was coldest area in Hokkaidou. I experienced -20deg C often and some times -30 deg C. I have never experienced colder places like this area. I had many troubles on camera because of this cold weather. Often the perforation of the film was broken because the film hardened by low temperature and the film could not be wound up. Really the film exposed to the outside air in the morning could be broken apart just by bending by hands. One of my friends took out his camera from warm carriage to outside and his lens was cracked by sudden temperature change. I had my toes frostbitten one morning while taking photos in snow field.


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