Bonding Styrene

I have got some questions from my club members about bonding styrene sheets. I use acrylic lacquer thinner in most cases. It is cheep. If you by 1L can it will last left of your life. I use the bottle of Tamiya's “Extra Thin Cement” (I guess it is the same as laquer thinner.) as a server. This cap is fitted with a fine brush and very convenient. At first position materials and apply the thinner between material and let it invade between materials by capillary action. However the thinner dries up so quickly it is not applicable to bond large areas like laminating side panels of carriages. For such a purpose I use thick plastic cement.




I used to use lacquer thinner to bond styrene, but I changed it to limonene recently. I found it in a resin material shop. Limonene works quite well to bond styrene. Much longer evaporation time of limonene allows to bond larger area than lacquer thinner. Also it does not stink. I won’t to use thinner for bonding again.

Limonene works very well to remove chewing gum.




Tamiya Limonene Cement

I changed the bond for large area of styrene to this Tamiya Limonene Cement. It is much better than ordinary plastic cement with slower drying time. It includes resin and can fill small gaps and is not smelly.





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