I found good articles about carbon rod soldering in a Japanese model railroad blog. It seemed quite interesting and I decided to try it. I made a carbon rod wand at first. As seen here what I made is very crude. The blog I got the idea recommends foot switch to control the current, but foot switch did not seem to make easily. Instead I installed a micro-switch on the wand. The current flows on the carbon tip would be quite large and I worried about the switching capacity of the switch 250VAC, 16A. However if it is broken I just replace it with a spare I have enough from junk.


The power supply I provided is about 40 years old battery charger. I modified it, so that 10VAC power directly from the transformer is available on the panel. The secondary winding of the transformer is thick enough (about 2mmSq) I think.


I used 5mm brass plate on hand as conductive work surface.


Place the work on the conductive surface and press the wand against the work. Then press the switch to flow the current. Never press the switch before touching the work. Otherwise an arch may be made. I think it is much nicer than ordinary soldering iron. The reasonably large heat generated instantaneously at the point of touch allowing soldering large pieces. It does not generate excessive temperature like burner preventing overheating. The shown parts include phosphor bronze spring. When I soldered them with a burner I overheated the spring and annealed it.
Since I do not do so much soft soldering, this very crude tool would be enough for me.



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