It would be terrible if the precious models were damaged in transportation. I made a carrying case for rolling stocks. I used a material called S-Core. It is commonly found in signboards. Actually I recycle the material from an unused signboard. Cut out the parts as per development view as below. Inside skin of the S-Core should be removed at slashed parts in the drawing to enable bending.


展開図  development view pdf

To remove only onside of the skins as 6mm wide (double the thickness of the S-Core I used) I used a utility knife its point was removed by a stone. This knife can only cut the upper skin and not the bottom skin. I have got this idea from the site shown below. When cut rectangle to the ribs use the knife in 45deg from both side. When cut in parallel cut two lines and bend the S-Core other way and remove redundant ribs.

次に曲げる部分の内側だけ6mm幅で切り取ります。このような先を砥石で落としたカッターナイフを使います。これだと下の板は切れず上の板だけ切れます。いいアイデアですが私のではありません。以下のサイトの”Roll Up Door"からいただきました。中間の補強に直角に切るときは45度の角度でカッターを両側から入れます。平行のときは二本切れ目を入れた後逆にまげて、間の補強を切り取ります。

The Bellaire Depot

Bending parts are cleaned up.


I assembled it with double sided tape.


I added styrene foam and sponge. Tabs on both sides are attached with Velcro tapes.


Logos by label printer added.



inserted by FC2 system