I need disk parts quite often. However I could not find any good way of cutting out a disk from styrene sheet. For example, I tried a circle cutter attached on a hand drill, but the force applied on the blade was too large and it could not keep the locus in the constant diameter.


I found this method a couple of days ago. I need just to tools, a scribing needle and circle template. Very easy.


Scribe the styrene sheet with the needle and template. You need turn the needle many times to make the groove deep enough.


Once the groove is deep enough, you can snap off the outside of the disk. Compare with the result of circle cutter on the left. The quality of the disk is much better.



My template has been quite damaged by using as above. Instead I bought a pair of dividers with fine adjustment. They work quite well. Hold the dividers on right hand an material on left hand and scribe firmly.


I grinded the point very sharp and made one point bit longer. It is easier to put longer point to be the centre of the circle.



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