I made a beam drilling jig from scrap styrene sheets. How to use the jig:

  • Glue two beams temporarily.
  • Put the beams through the groove of the jig.
  • Drill a hole through drill-hole.
  • Move the beams and put the index pin through the hole made above.
  • Drill next hole.
  • and so on.


  • 二本の桁を仮に接着。
  • ジグの溝に桁を通す。
  • ドリル穴をとうして穴あけ。
  • 桁をずらして先にあけた穴を位置決めピンに通す。
  • 次の穴あけ。
  • くりかえす。

Lungs as this are made from 2X2mm square styrene rods.


Use this side at first to remove the edges of the rungs.



Next use this side next to make round parts of the rungs.


I made a rung-end rounding jig from 2mm thick steel plate.
A 2mm hole is drilled and one side of the hole that does not have burr is chamfered. Never remove the burr.
The burr is important. As shown in second photo the burr works as a cutter to make the rung-end round.
Put 2mm styrene bar to a chuck of an electric drill, and push the styrene bar through the hole of the jig.


This is the finished ladder.


inserted by FC2 system