This is my very important tool to make styrene models, and used to make styrene strips. It is made from a parallel cutter shown as below. I bought this cutter to cut out balsa strips, but was quite useless for such purpose because of small gap between the blade and blade holder. So it stayed in my tool box for years doing nothing.


Modification is quite simple. I made scriber blade from broke hacksaw blade and fix it to the cross member with aluminium plate and screws. I added hardwood plate to the guide for smooth operation.



Front view of the scribing blade. The angle of the blade tip is important. The inside of the blade must be parallel with guide plate. So the edge of the cut strip is right angle to the surface.

How to use this tool is shown below.




Adjust the blade position using home made gauge.


Make the edge of the material right angle using a plane.


Repeat scribing until the cut depth reaches about 2/3 of the thickness.

I remove the bar from the strip using Japanese craft knife. Traditional Japanese craft knife is sharpened from only one side and ideal tool for debarring the styrene strips.

Then snap off the strip by hand.






inserted by FC2 system