Prototype of my next project has rivets.
So I worked out a rivet press. It is made of 3mm thick aluminum plates. The die has a recess to form rivet heads. The distances of the rivets are kept constant by the index edge. The adjustable guide keeps rivets straight.
I used 1.2mm drill bit mounted on a pin vice to make the recess. The depth of the recess need to be quite shallow and sensitive. So gradually make it deeper with test pressings.


This is the punch. I made it from 0.8mm piano wire. I round the tip of the punch to 0.5mm diameter and made it round.


Put the punch to the chuck of the drill press. Fix the jig to the drill press by double-sided adhesive tape after alignment. Press styrene sheet between the punch and die. (Do not run the drill! You may get a hole instead of rivet.) By feeding from right to left using the index edge, straight and equally distanced rivets are obtained.


This is a sample of rivets made on scrap styrene strip.



Holding a strip while pressing revets was not easy and I made many mistakes. So I made this holding jig.


Using the jig on a flat strip.


Using for an angle.



inserted by FC2 system