Square Filing

It was very hard for me to file objects in correct right angle and straight. Always I had got angled and round finish. So I fixed a file to a piece of brass square bar with a c-clamp. It worked quite well.


直角にやするのって私にとってはとても難しいです。曲がったり、丸くなったり、うまくできたことがありません。そこでやすりをC クランプで真鍮の角材に固定し削ってみました。完璧に直角、直線にとても簡単に削れます

Cutting Styrene in Curves

To cut styrene sheets in large curves, a pair of scissors would be the best tool. Using these is much easier and quicker than copping saw.



Plastic Scriber

I found plastic scribers scraped also the steel scales. The arrowed part was too sharp. It is prevented simply grind off the sharp edge.





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