I have this jewellers saw frame. This was bit expensive, but quite uncomfortable to use.


I have another one I bought tens of years ago. It was very cheep, and is much comfortable to use than expensive one.


The expensive one had complicated blade clamping mechanism. I guessed it might make holding force stronger. However it was quite cumbersome to thread a blade through bumps and the holding tips did not move by themselves. This was a typical KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!!) design.


On the other hand the cheap one does not have any fancy bumps. When the nuts loosened, the jaws open slightly automatically making inserting a blade very easy.


So I milled out the bumps and made new plane holding tips from 3.2mm brass.


New tips have a groove to accommodate a spring from 0.2mm phosphor bronze.


So now the jaws open automatically when the nuts loosened. Of course the side with spring opens wider, but inserting blade is much easier now.



inserted by FC2 system