I am using custom made decals for my projects as you see in my gasoline car. I used to ask my Japanese friend to make them. However it is so inconvenient and I decided to get a special printer (Alps printer) that can make water slide decal (common in plastic models). Fortunately one of my friends in Japan could bid the printer on net auction for me.

いままで、ガソリンカーなどに使ったデカールは日本の友人に頼んでAlps Printerで作ってもらっていました(Kさんありがとうございました。)。でも自分で作れないのはやはり不便です。そこで、友人に頼みヤフオクでAlps MD5000を落としてもらいました(別のKさん、ありがとうございます。)。


This is the decal sheet printed by the printer. Each decal must be cut out from the sheet making margines as small as possible.

これがAlps Printerでうちだしたデカールです。

Put the decals cut out in water for a couple of seconds and put them on a piece of paper towel. Wait for a couple of minute until the water is soaked well into back paper.


Apply a small amount of water at the place the decal put then transfer the decal to the position. Never rub it strongly when position it. The decal made in this way is very delicate and the ink on the transfer may come off if rubbed.


Absorb the water by tissue paper. After drying, a couple of coat of clear paint must be sprayed over decals for protection.


The printer ink is very week against any solvent. The left decals are half-solved by turpentine-based weathering liquid.

Alps printerのインクは溶剤によく溶けます。左のデカールはテレピン油ベースのウェザーリング液を塗って半分溶けてしまったデカールです。

I made this styrene blade to apply decals on wooden weatherboard grooves.


Apply decals on the weatherboard and let them dry. Cut them at grooves. Apply decal softener and push the decal in the grooves by the styrene blade.


Colour Decals  カラーデカール

I will explain how to make artwork for this kind of colour decal printing. I used Visio to draw this. At first I provided three layers, “White”, “Red” and “Colour”.


I searched Australian flag image in the web and pasted it on “Colour” layer.


I drew black boxes at exactly the same size and location as above OZ flags on “White” layer. Also I drew background of Japanese flags on “White”.


Then I drew red circle of Japanese flag in black on “Red” layer. Obviously they must be aligned with flag background.



  • 「白」のレイヤーだけを表示して特色ホワイトで印刷 (ページ合成ON)
  • 「赤」のレイヤーだけを表示し特色印刷でイエローを印刷 (ページ合成ON)
  • 「赤」のレイヤーだけを表示し特色印刷でマゼンタを印刷 (ページ合成ON)
  • 「カラー」のレイヤーだけを表示し通常印刷でオーストラリア国旗を印刷 (ページ合成OFF)


Printing needs four steps:

  • Activate “White” layer only and print with special white ink.
  • Activate “Red” layer only and print with yellow ink.
  • Activate “Red” layer only and print with magenta ink.
  • Activate “Colour” layer only and print in normal colour print mode.

Preventing Silvering  白浮きの防止

If a decal is applied on matte surface, almost certainly silvering happens. See this test piece. Left two decals have sever silvering. I applied PVA diluted by decal softener, but still silvering happened. Right piece was applied in the same manner but the surface was sanded by 1200 grit sand paper. No silvering is observed.

This experiment was done on Humbrol enamel. I remember, when I applied decals on Tamiya acrylic colour I did not experience any silvering even on matte surface. I think affinity of decal sheet to water and oil base paints are different. The decal in the left on the photo easily came out, but decals on water base paint is almost impossible to remove.



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