All figures were painted and equipped with some belongings. I applied Humbrol matt coat, but still not so matt at all. This may caused by still wet oil paint. I may try it later the oil paint is completely dried.


I added glasses to old lady and one of high school boys.


The figures were attached to the seats by adhesive.


However the material of the seats (styrene foam) was too weak to keep the figures in position.


So I inserted brass nails as reinforcement. The strap of the gadget bag was broken.


I made the straps with thin styrene sheet and it was a failure. Better to use just a piece of paper coloured by felt pen.


The posing of arrowed boy was not good. I posed him as leaning back but forgot the existence of window glass. His head was positioned further back against the window. So I positioned him at a corner with angle. Also his legs were too long positioning his hip in the air. I put a bag to hide it.



High school girls were placed. I made their legs shorter. So their positioning was easy. Better to make legs shorter. Anyway you cannot see their leg so well from outside.



inserted by FC2 system