Panels are cut out from 1mm styrene sheet.


Weatherboards are cut out from 0.75mm styrene and clad the panels. I made a parallel scriber to cut out strips. (Upper right)


Mass production of window frames. I made a jig from 1mm aluminium plate (upper left).


Assembled side panels.


Roof was clad by thin aluminium plates from beer can. I used CA to fix plate, but it is not a good method. Heat expansion of the aluminium plate caused faulty joints later on. Flexible adhesive like silicon should be used.


Finished station house. Letterings are made by label printer (p-Touch). These labels can stand outdoor environment. The base is made from aerated concrete. The rough surface of the aerated concrete is covered by white cement.


Timetable in the waiting room is also made by the label printer.



inserted by FC2 system