I started assemble of the body. Simply mate interlocking of the parts and flowed medium viscosity CA.


After assembling the panels cut out excess of planking and sanded it down.


Chairs at the ends of the room fixed.


Lower part of upper window sash made from aluminum angle as far as seen from prototype photos. According to the manual this part to be made from 2X2mm wood strip painted silver. However I do not believe painted wood seems like aluminum.


So I decided to make this part from actual aluminum sheet. It seemed too hard to make an angle and I just cut out 1X2mm strip from the aluminum sheet.


Easiest way to make this kind of strip is use a copping saw with the material held on a vice. Aluminum is sticky material and I used spray oil to make cutting easier.


I made this jig to position the aluminum sheet on vice jaws. I wanted to cut out 2mm wide. So I made its thickness 2.25mm (1+1+0.25) considering 0.3mm thickness of saw blade.


Sash lower parts cut out.


Lower parts of upper sash added. I think they are much better than wooden pieces.



inserted by FC2 system