The pantograph supplied with the kit is absolute crap as seen here. Also it is too small. One of charms of this tram is large pantograph. I actually knew about this before purchasing it. I decided scratch build the pantograph. Basically I am steam person, not of electric trains and no knowledge at all about pantographs. So I made a close look of a pantograph when I visited an open day of JR Ohmiya Factory.

I took the dimensions from a photo found in the net and designed it.



As usual I started construction from hardest part. The lower beams of the pantograph is tapered. Turning shallow and log taper is difficult. At first I set the compound angle. It to be 1mm taper in 50mm. I set marks on the compound and set the angle with a dial gauge.


Small end was turned to 1.5mm dia.


The rigidity of Φ5 brass rod would not be enough for full length. So turned the work in 4 steps. Required cut had to make in pass to keep the rigidity of the work on cutting.


Second step.


Taper turning finished. It was easier than I thought.


The roots of the beams were turned down to Φ4 and parted off.


I planned to silver-solder the beams to main shafts, but changed my mind. Setting by screws would be better in later stage. I tapped the roots with M1.4.


パンタグラフの自作 scratch building pantograph

inserted by FC2 system