When I decided to build second garden layout, I wanted to have a small turntable for my Steinz. I looked around the web, but could not find any good source for what I wanted. So I started from scratch.


Refer to attached drawings for detailed design:


Drawing 1 (pdf)

Drawing 2 (pdf)

Base of the turntable is made by polycarbonate sheets and hard wood reinforcement frame. (I replaced all screws with brass ones later.)


Turntable itself is made from also polycarbonate sheet with Tasmanian oak planking. The turntable is supported by four ball bearings from my radio control model junk box. I give up the idea to leave the turntable outside because the ball bearings may rust. Any way turntable is easily removed and stored in house.


I made drive mechanism from Tamiya Universal Gearbox available from Dick Smith Electronics and a tire of old model motorcycle. It is spring loaded to turntable. The drive mechanism is also easily removed and store in house when not in use.


The wall of the turntable pit is made of aluminium strip (1mm thick) and bent by homemade rail bender.



Finished turntable runs in good speed with one 1.5V battery.




inserted by FC2 system