When I was a high school and university student it was the last era of steam in Japan. As a railway boy I travelled around Japan to take photos of steam locos. I took quite lot of photos and now start worrying about deterioration of my photos. So I decided to scan my photos to digital format. At the moment I have only ordinary scanner that can scan prints only. I may buy a scanner with film scan capability to scan un-printed photos. Anyway I would publish part of my photos on my web site.

Copyright of the photos belongs to me and these photos should not be used in any form without permission from me.

My photos are not in typical or orthodox railway photo style, since I wanted to take something different from others. I have been sloppy on taking records of the photos. So I do not have any written records of the photos and have to rely only on my poor memories. I found I can not remember details of many photos. So the comment of the photos I made may not be accurate.

I spent the longest time on “Hisatsu Line” and it is my lifework in railway photo.






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